Mini Book Haul!

Knowing that with the impending lockdown of the UK due to the Covid-19 pandemic that I would be very much inside for the foreseeable future, and having recently started a dream job at Waterstones (Gah! So happy.) I took advantage of being at work and acquired some reading material during my dinner break.


So, this was the first bookI grabbed. I spotted this book when it first came out a few months ago, I had been curious about it since then. It is an anthology of letters that had been written from various notable figures from Michelangelo to Charles Darwin. I find it all so interesting. Pieces of history brought to life through their own hands. The words that they had written to friends and family among other people. It’s just the perfect way to be nosy, without being nosy. The letter are handily sectioned in the contents into categories, such as love, war, friendship and family. I can’t wait to dig in and have a little history lesson every now and then.


The next book was actually close by, I was having a look as the previous book was on a deal, so I needed another book to get it half price. Can’t beat a deal.  That is when I spotted this book. It had library written in the title, I wasn’t not going to buy it obviously. Even being one that I randomly picked, it sounded super interesting, and I honestly can’t wait to get my teeth into it.

In hell, there is a library full of unfinished books, that are watched over by Claire (a deathly name if I ever heard one) who stands guard and makes sure none of the characters escape (Excellent job!) When one does escape it will be catastrophic if Claire and a small team does not find them.

How cool does that sound. First of all, well done Claire for snagging that job. Secondly, imagine if that was read, that one of your characters could just pop up at you and start screaming at you to finish their story. I can’t wait.


The last book that found it’s way into my bag (I paid for them everyone, don’t worry the books didn’t just jump into my bag when no one was watching.)

This book has literally blown up on my bookstagram feed. I feel like I see it everywhere and I am not one to follow the crowd when it comes to books, but I just had to on this occasion, as it just sounds so good.

The blurb is what really attracted me to it. It starts off so lovely. Culminating of only a few lines, the last three had me gripped and ready to read, without even looking at the first page. Quite frankly, I have to know more.

So, only three books this time. I still have so many books to read that are having a nice relaxing time in Casa de bookcase. I think I should start reading some of the ones I already have and put myself on another book ban for quite some time. Woe is me.

Have you read any of these or bought any books recently?

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