Me Before You - Review!

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes is a romantic novel told from the point of view of Louisa Clarke, a young woman who is content with her own life in her small town. Having never been out of the country, Lou's sheltered life is about to turn upside down. After she is let go from her job at a local café, Lou must try to find a new job quickly.

From the first few chapters, I was hooked completely. I personally feel like I am able to relate to the character of Lou and I wanted to see where the new job as a carer for a disabled man would lead her. Over the course of the book we see her grow as a person. At first, being the companion to Will is difficult as he is not a chatty person like she is, but soon she coaxes him out of his shell and they begin a friendship to end all friendships.

Moyes is rapidly becoming one of my all time favourite authors. She writes beautifully and you can tell it is completely from the heart. I love the witty banter that we can see between the characters. The words engross you into the story and even as it gets too much to bear you still cannot look away.

I know that for some people this book raises issues that are difficult to talk about, but I for one think that Moyes writes it wonderfully from both sides of the argument and weaves it into something that we can all relate to. She makes us see that each of us have control over our own lives and what we do with it. For example, if you have never been on holiday abroad or if you have never taken part in any thrill sport then it should be encouraged for you to just simply try it. It may be the best experience of your life. I never thought I would be able to go travelling on my own, but I did, I travelled Europe for five weeks by myself and it changed me for the best.

I don't think I will get over this book anytime soon and would recommend it in a heartbeat. I was told not to read it if I was upset or had a bad day, luckily I didn't, but it still was a complete tear-jerker and by the end of the book the tears were flowing freely.

Thank you Jojo Moyes for writing this amazing book, and the sneak peek of the sequel has me on the edge of my seat already. One word... Inspirational. The way she writes makes me want to sit at my laptop for days on end working on my writing and progressing my stories.


Happy Reading!