Exploring Wine Regions - Bordeaux

When you reach that certain age, and I am sure that most of us will have had a similar thought. COFFEE TABLE BOOKS! Am I right? Coffee table books are those perfect books to have on the table ready to show your guests that you are embracing the adult life. They can consist of several topics. Keeping your house/flat clean, organising said home and of course the ever all important (especially now) ALCOHOL! That is right, mainly cocktails and gin I am sure but most importantly that all important beverage. Wine.

I was very kindly gifted an e-copy of Exploring Wine Regions - Bordeaux, to have a look at and I have learnt so much about wine. I love that the book has been laid out in a way that is not too overwhelming for the readers, with well spaced out writing and some gorgeous photos too.

This would be a perfect present for any wine enthusiast who wants to learn more about where the wine comes from and how it is made. Especially if they are interested in wines from the Bordeaux region.

Not only does this book cover wines but also the history of Bordeaux and the culture that still stands today, you can learn where the best places are to go to dine and the best entertainment for any amount of time that you may visit for. There is more that goes into a wine other than the main ingredients, for me there is a reason that wine connoisseurs can tell where a wine is from just by the taste or even the smell, it's the culture, the people, the place. It all adds to the taste. This book gives great advice for a selection of Bordeaux vineyards, that you can visit a try for yourself.

Impressively, this book has already won multiple awards including the NYC Big Book Award-Best Travel Book 2020 and it has only been available since the middle of October. You can buy the book online at Amazon.com and also if you are in America, you can buy the book at Barnes and Noble (It is my dream to visit a Barnes and Noble)

Congratulations to all at Exploring Wine Regions! What a great first non-fiction book to review and share with you all. I know a few people who will be getting this underneath their tree this year.

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