Most people can only read or write while it is deathly silent, in a library or at home. Not me, I like noise. Not deafening heavy metal blasting at top volume, but nice quiet, peaceful music or the TV on a low volume. The best place is to be in a coffee shop, that has the gentle hum of people who had the same idea that morning. Ironically, there is something peaceful about a noisy area. The chance to watch the people around you, to get an idea of different peoples characters, maybe take some of their attributes and create new characters.

Now me, personally, I love going to my local coffee shop and popping some headphones on to play music around the hustle and bustle of the cafe. It’s strange I know, but I find that I can write a lot more in this environment rather than any other… and believe me, I have tried. When writing or reading I can’t listen to songs that I have heard before. I love to sing to the ones I know which usually means I then start scrolling through Spotify to find songs I can sing and then belting them out, (I try not to break into song and dance in the middle of coffee shops no matter how much I want to.) I much rather listening to mellow music. My favourites are actually in the form of playlists created by Alexrainbird Music, they are amazing at creating Indie/folk playlists for every month, season and even for days when you just want a certain music to help clear your mind. The playlists are compiled of artists and groups that I wouldn’t generally listen to, due to not finding them in Spotify playlists, but the more I listen the more I absolutely love them. I can always guarantee that the songs completely chill me out and just allow my mind to release the words I want to write.

I hardly feel as relaxed as I do when I am writing. If I try to relax at home I always have the niggling itch at the back of my mind telling me I have other things to do. I love being in a neutral place, distraction free, doing the thing I love. I would highly recommend the playlists by Alexrainbird. I would also recommend music by artist such as Lucy May Walker, who two of my lovely friends introduced me too, she writes beautiful music and sings like a songbird, also The Cat Empire who my partner introduced me too, safe to say I have fallen in love with the ska band who we play to make ourselves happy again, among other artists with an indie or acoustic vibe. You can find quite a few on several Spotify playlists, if you know where to look.

I do have to stop myself sometimes as I tend to start swaying to music when I am concentrating. But hey, let people think you are crazy, because in the words of Lewis Carrol’s famous characters. ‘All the best people are.’

Do you listen to music while you write? Let me know who you like to listen to.

Disclaimer: All words are my own, this is not a collaboration. The links available are to the musicians respective Youtube channels. I do not own anything.  Just spreading the joy of music and books.